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All About Car Brakes in Kennesaw, GA

Every driver is aware that their car's brakes are important. What you may not know is how often you should have your brakes checked. Bad brakes can cause potentially serious safety issues, not just for you but for other drivers on the road. To learn more about how brakes work and when you should have them checked, keep reading!

 A Primer on Brakes.

The most common type of brakes found in vehicles nowadays are disc brakes. When you press down on the brake pedal, a set of calipers, which are equipped with pads, squeezes the rotor (also known as the disc). These pads create friction with the rotor, slowing your vehicle. Overall, it relies on a steady flow of brake fluid, as it's a hydraulic system.

Should one of these components fail to function, the entire system can fail. The usual culprits of poor braking performance are your brake pads; they should have a thickness of at least one quarter of an inch. Pads wear down over time, and if they go without being changed, they may lead to more expensive issues, such as a damaged rotor.

Warning Signs

If your brake light ever comes on, it's time for your brakes to be examined. Or, if you notice that it takes longer to come to a total stop, it's important to have them looked at as soon as possible. A vibrating sensation may also occur when you apply your brakes. This typically indicates an issue with the brake pads, although it can sometimes mean an alignment problem.

Most brakes come with a built-in indicator that squeals or screeches when the brake pads are wearing thin. If the pads have worn down completely, you'll hear a metal-on-metal sound, meaning the calipers are grinding against the rotors when you press the brake pedal. You should have your brake pads changed before you hear this sound, and you'll save yourself money in the long run.

Location Matters

Traffic in crowded areas is hard on brakes. That's because congested roads require a lot of stop-and-go, which puts a lot of stress on your brakes – they're more likely to need servicing sooner than a vehicle in a rural area.

A good idea is to have your brakes checked whenever your tires are rotated, which is generally every six months. If you're a more aggressive driver, you may want to have your brakes checked with every oil change.

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